The trendsetter. Flowers aren’t just for grandma or young couples any more. The florist business is seeing a shift in purchasing behaviors. Today’s flower seekers are less concerned with the accessibility of the nearest floral shop. They desire convenience, and supermarkets and the internet are happy to deliver. Who is driving this shift? Once again, it’s the “millennial” consumer. This demographic group is made up of 25 to 35-year olds with a strong affinity for organics and a love of learning when it comes to gardening. They are armed with laptops and cell phones, comfortable with online shopping, and make quick purchase decisions when faced with numerous floral and vase options. As you might expect, these floral millennials are highly engaged with social media – Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Social media is helping them hone their home decorating skills, and potted plants and flowers are an important part of the spaces they create.

The Budding Chemist

The Chemistry glass vessel, a glass design that has been influencing mixologists and sprucing up the home bartender’s cocktails, is now making its way into the floral industry. Millennials are willing to experiment, and unique glass vessels inspire and showcase their flower arrangements as trendy home décor. If a chemistry beaker can dress up a cocktail, imagine what it can to for a mini bouquet of flowers.  It’s a trend that encourages consumers to celebrate their inner geek and picture an organic world beyond the simple flower…like the cactus. A plant recognized for its survival skills, cacti have long been a popular home decorating accessories. About 1,500 different kinds of cacti are in existence. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are perfect for that geek chic millennial’s decorating experiments. What is more inventive than mini cacti arranged inside a chemistry beaker? It’s the scientific approach to the classic planter.

Libbey’s Chemistry Items

1000 mL Beaker Item # 56807
7pc Test Tube/Bud Vase Set Item #56817ys6
500 mL Round Flask Vase Item #56812
1000 mL Erlenmeyer Flask Vase Item #56810