Classic Cocktails

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A Classy Comeback. In the cocktail category, history is repeating itself once again. The vintage trend is back to make classic cocktail mixes such as the “Old Fashioned”, Negroni, Tom Collins, and Manhattan chic again.

The classy demographic behind this trend is typically male and between 21 and 35-years old. He appreciates the vintage, nostalgic value of these classic cocktails and wants to celebrate their traditional authenticity. This young, sophisticated male enjoys refinement, social nightlife activities and frequenting high-end establishments. He is also very knowledgeable on the latest mixology trends.

Close up of barman hands pouring alcoholic drink in to a jigger to prepare a cocktail, with basil leaves and lemons on the bar counter.

The Old Fashioned is one of the most requested classic cocktails, and the industry is coming up with new ways to meet the demand. Savvy cocktail companies have innovated convenient ways to recreate the “Old Fashioned” recipe and offer it as a kit that can easily be placed in your carry on for in-flight enjoyment (so long as you are not the pilot). This smart cocktail kit is pre-packaged with a mini bourbon bottle, recipe card, mixer ingredients, and can be purchased online.


The vintage trend is expanding beyond just mixed drinks, and is responsible for some of the growth we are seeing in whiskey and brown spirits. Making up 31 percent of alcohol consumption, brown spirits continue to grow more than any other spirit category. Young, sophisticated males are willing to spend extra dollars on brands they consider to be premium, and they are willing to indulge in this affordable in on a regular basis.

Libbey Provides the Perfect Vessel for Any Classic Cocktail

Outside the brown spirit category, classic drinks like mojitos and cosmopolitans are also trending. Consumers are consulting online sources, as well as bartenders and mixologists, to learn proper ways for recreating these sophisticated cocktails for at-home enjoyment. This call to action is helping to drive demand for higher-quality, authentic drinking glassware to complement the cocktail experience.

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