New Fragrance & Scent Trends

There are some exciting new candle trends that have been recently affecting this industry and determining consumer purchasing behaviors.  In the candle industry, which has U.S. retails sales estimated at approximately $2 billion annually, manufacturer surveys show that 90% of all candles are purchased by women.  It is also important to understand the future candle opportunities with the male demographic because both men and women consider candles to always be an acceptable gift on various occasions. Candle manufacturers have observed that over 90% consumers have confirmed that candle usage occurs in the home.   A large percentage of candle users have reported that they most frequently burn candles in the living room and then the second location that is popular for burning a candle in their home has been noted as the kitchen.

Spa setting with coffee and cinnamon soap, towel candle and sea salt

What is the consumer decision factor for consumers when they make their candle purchases…It’s all about the “fragrance”!  Fragrance is the top ranking characteristic impacting all candle purchases today. The candle surveys have discovered that three-fourths of candle buyers stated that fragrance and scent is “extremely important” or “very important” in their selection process.  These consumer reactions are consistent with the candle sales that result in  80% “scented” and 20% of the remaining candle sales are considered “non-scented”.

Food & Drink Inspiring New Scents

Foodies will be delighted to know that the food & drink categories are reaching the candle industry with inspiring new fragrances.  Key food dessert and home baked sweet flavors include salted caramel, banana walnut, and cranberry-pomegranate are examples of these calorie-free fragrance indulgences.  The spirits and wine categories are emerging and having influence on new fragrances.  The Moscow Mule, Mojitos are currently top selling cocktails and they also becoming favorite cocktail scented candles.  Males are enthusiastic to purchase beer scented and whisky scented candles for gifting and personal usage.   Let’s celebrate this trend with some beverage glass vessel solutions that would help create unique candles!

Vessels for Beer, Whiskey, & Mojito Scented Candles

Empty Cosmo Glass on White Background
Comso Glass Item #400
Beer Can Glass Empty on White
Beer Can Glass Item #209
DOF Glass on White Background
DOF Item #2305