Made in U.S.A.

A Great American Story. The Made-in-the-USA trend began about 10 years ago when mounting concerns over the American job market urged consumers to buy products made stateside. Today, it’s still going strong. This trend has affected multiple consumer categories from automobiles to clothing to, you guessed it, food and beverages.


Locally-crafted food and drinks have made a big impact on the Made-in-the-USA trend, especially in the sprits industry where American bourbons and whiskeys have become extremely popular with mixologists. Consumers appreciate the locally-crafted cocktails featured in their favorite restaurants and bars. Today, there are over 1,000 small distilleries in the U.S., up from 92 in 2010.  And, new openings of local breweries and distilleries are expected to continue driving this trend’s growth for years to come.

Young, social males and females (ages 21-29) make up the consumer base, who wants to eat, drink and socialize. This social consumer group seeks recommendations from their peers and educates themselves on the background of the products they purchase. Not only do they enjoy learning “the story” behind how their products are made and manufactured, but they are willing to pay more for Made-in-the-USA products – a great value proposition for companies. These products have developed a premium image in the U.S. and globally. Products from well-known American cities like New York, Chicago, and Brooklyn are seeing growth in global demand.

Libbey is #1 Largest Glass Tableware Manufacturer in the Americas

Item #5139 Empty Mixing Glass
Item #5139 Mixing Glass
Item #1647 Beer Glass
Item #918CD Empty Glass
Item #918CD

We manufacturer some of the industry’s best, most durable, and high-quality beverage ware products with our innovation technology capabilities. Along with our extensive portfolio of beverage ware items, here are some of the products that make us proud to say that we are “Made in the USA”.  With the mission of redefining the exceptional, “Master’s Reserve” is created. This line has Clear Fire characteristics that provide maximum clarity and brilliance.

fine stemware made in USA
Master's Reserve American-Made Premium Glassware Renaissance Collection