Retro Trend

Retroactivity. The 1970s are back, on trend and making a groovy impact on the food and drink categories. Cocktails from this era are a big part of the historical experiences that consumers have been googling in an effort to recreate for home entertaining excitement and social gatherings. From the popular, creamy cocktails like White Russians and Grasshoppers to revived classics such as Jell-O side dishes and fondue, retro food and drinks are making a fun comeback.

Rehad women sitting in the armchair with coktail. Photo in retro color style.

The 1970s introduced some of the most unique and easily-recognized trends in history. Millennial home entertainers are doing their research to recreate popular cocktails and food recipes from the era. They are embracing the cocktails their parents used to drink and look to YouTube and Pinterest for inspiration and education. With the wide array of information on the 1970s trends, social media is helping consumers craft trendy food and drink pairings and create interactive ways to entertain their guests. The consumer demographic behind the 1970s trend is most often female and in the age range of 26-40.

The trend is predicted to continue past 2016 throughout the globe.  The 1970s has inspired London restaurants offer nostalgia a part of their menu lists, while the famous brand of canned precooked meat named “Spam” is featured on the menu of several restaurants in Hawaii.

“Spam” is featured on the menu of several restaurants in Hawaii.

The Retro Tiki Craze

Another popular trend of the 1970s was tiki – a term used to describe both a style of cocktail and the subculture surrounding it. The rebirth and commercialization of tiki in the 1970s manifested itself in sweet, fruity cocktails, like Tequila Sunrises and Mai Tais, topped off with tiny umbrellas or showcased in tiki-head ceramic mugs. Today, the tiki trend has become mainstream and is making an impact in the food and drink categories.

In glass design, specialty shapes are one of the main segments experiencing growth. Tiki drinks and their companion vessels are widely seen in bars and restaurants and have been increasing in sales at retail. The Tiki God beverage ware and pineapple textured drink glasses are purchased in stores and online by home entertainers who want to showcase their creativity for thematic parties.

Bartender prepares cocktails in Libbey's Pineapple Glasses
Bartender prepares cocktails in Libbey's Pineapple Glasses Item #56880
Tiki God DOF Glass Item #92142
Tiki Cooler Item #92143
Bartender mixing drinks into Bamboo Cooler Item #32802

The 1970s trend is predicted to continue beyond 2016 and to expand globally. It is fun, familiar, and, hopefully, a bit flattering to the original era.