Colored Glass

Colored glass can be an original way to give a basic item a higher perceived value. Different colors also allow the creating of a collection.

To produce colored glass, frit is mixed into the molten glass as it is flowing to the production machine. The intensity of color can vary from light to dark based on the amount of frit added to the molten glass.

Color options include, Olive Green, Spanish Green, Juniper Green, “Coke Green”, Cobalt Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Misty Blue, Denim Blue, Aqua, Malva,  Grape, Smoke, Mocha, and Black (maybe add swatches of each into content if it makes sense. We can work with NPD to get hex values)

There are a limited number of colors we are able to produce so exact color matching is not possible. For example, red, yellow, and amber colors are not available.