Transitional Style

Balancing Act

In the world of interior design, indecision can be a good thing. Many consumers today are choosing to not pick sides when it comes to design styles, and the result is wonderful! For instance, “Transitional style” is a style that transitions between traditional and contemporary design. It’s all about creating a balanced environment where classic looks are updated with an enhanced contemporary appearance. The design aesthetic includes both masculine and feminine characteristics and symbolizes comfort and feelings of relaxation through uncomplicated design. In order to maintain the clean style and simple design technique, decorative and highly ornate accessories are minimized. The color tones that help convey the evolution of transitional style are commonly neutral, or even monochromatic.

Gray is the Neutral of Choice for Transitional Style

Gray is the neutral of choice these days. It has been getting a lot of attention by home decorators, who are embracing gray as a modern replacement for traditional tones of beige. Consumers can achieve the sophisticated design elements of the Transitional Style with gray color schemes by pairing them with splashes of color in art pieces or subtle accents of metallic finishes.

If gray is the neutral base for Transitional style, gold is its accent color. Floral vases and centerpieces with gold metallic finishes add traditional flair in a contemporary setting, or is it contemporary flair in a traditional setting? Either way, the result is simple elegance. Achieving this high-end effect doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank, according to resourceful DIYers.  They are decorating glass vessels and bottles with faux gold metallic paint finishes creating an effortless and economic way to stay current with fashion trends and add a personal touch.

Large Vibe Jar, 27oz Item #357
Hydration Bottle 24oz Item #726
9.5 x 3.5” cylinder vase Item #895
7.5” Cylinder Bud Vase Item #2824
18” Flare Vase Item #55850

Go Gold!

The following items are a few highlights from our extensive glass assortment and can be accented with precious gold metals or faux gold metallic deco.