Laser Treatment

Libbey has laser technology that can permanently place your logo in the foot of a wine glass or in the bottom of a tumbler.

Laser Nucleation

Laser etch virtually any design in the bottom inside surface of glassware

Etched glass surface allows the gas within the beverage to be released more easily

Creates more effervescence and preserves the head of a beer.

Real Metals

Precious metal decorations create an image of luxury. Choose between gold, silver, platinum and bronze. A popular application of precious metals is to put a band of the metal around the rim of the glass. Silk screening with metal is also an option.

Faux Imitation Metals

New inks made to imitate a metallic look have come to prominence and can turn the most plain glass into a luxury item for a very reasonable investment.

Pad Print

Pad printing is used in areas that are too difficult to decorate with other methods. Four inks can be used in the pad printing process. Printing a logo/icon on the inside of a bowl is a perfect situation where pad printing over screen printing would be required.

The tampon technique is also used in areas where silk screening is too difficult or impossible (too curvy or near stem or handles). Normally used for 1 color decorations.

Hand Painting

Hand painting is just as it sounds, a manual process. Various techniques range from splash, sprinkle, brush and twist patterns. Hand painting gives each glass an artisan feel and due to the nature of the process, each glass will be unique.

Multiple Decorations/Mix Processes

It is possible to make combinations of different techniques to create original solutions. Mixing processes creates added interest and refinement for upscale products.