Shape Design

Our research and development uses cutting-edge technology to develop creative and compelling shape design solutions for our business partners and their customers. The Libbey team will enhance inspiration for glassware development products that customize to unique styles.  We have built several consumer and trade brands which have become highly recognizable in many countries.

Wall Embossing

Embossing is the easiest and strongest way to personalize a product or create an exclusive shape. Available in fixed-blown and pressed techniques, it’s possible to use it in a wide range of products, including tumblers, stemware, mugs or bowls.


Stackability is a feature for customers wishing to save room in shelf space and storage. This feature is only available with pressed glassware.

Stem Embossing

It is also possible to emboss a small detail like a logo or symbol onto a stem. An original and unique way to personalize a piece of glassware.

Bottom/Footplate Embossing

Just by changing the bottom of a tumbler/mug or a footplate  of a piece of stemware, it’s possible to obtain an exclusive shape with low investment. Available in pressed and fixed-blown techniques (big elements) provides the opportunity of creating collectible items.


A plunger is a machine part that presses into the blank mold forcing the molten glass (the gob) into a rough shape. The finish mold closes around it to produce the final shape.

Embossed Plunger

Using an existing mold and developing a new plunger to emboss a design on the inside of the glass, is a relatively inexpensive investment. Geometric designs, textures, or even branding, are all possible with embossing the plunger.

Different Plungers

Just by changing the plunger of a pressed item, it’s possible to obtain different variations of the same shape and even create collections with a small investment.