One-Piece Stemware

One-piece stemware is made from one continuous piece of glass.

Item 3717

Two-Piece Stemware

With 2-piece stemware, the stem and the bowl are made separately and welded together.  This process produces a thinner bowl and a more refined stem and foot.

Item 3619JS

Master’s Reserve Stemware

With the mission of redefining the exceptional, Master’s Reserve is born. The line has Clear Fire characteristics that provide maximum clarity and brilliance.

Product Attributes
  • Whisper thin beadless edge
  • The exclusive HD2 Rim (High Definition/High Durability) is tapered with a deep DuraTemp treatment to reduce breakage
  • Strong yet slender walls
  • Stiffening provides mechanical strength to the exquisitely slim side walls
  • Seamless transition from bowl to stem
  • The transition creates a sleek, provocative look while dramatically enhancing the life of the glass
  • Unprecedented flat foot
  • The signature foot enables a strong, stable and stunning presentation

Item 9132
Item 9121
Item 9137

Item 9030
Item 9022
Item 9025