Machine made glass has a highly consistent output which allows us to produce high volumes with lower per piece costs.

Machine Blown

A gob of molten glass is pressed and then blown into a metal mold to form the shape of the glass

Product Attributes
  • Lightweight with thinner walls
  • Blown means no parting lines or seams
  • Various sham options from shell weight to heavy sham Top Rim is burned off with a minor bead
  • Blown tumblers with laser burned-off rims available
  • Embossed bottoms available

Item 918CD

Fixed Blown

Fixed blown is similar to blown but allows for embossment on the outside of the glassware

Product Attributes
  • Will have seams
  • Lightweight with thinner walls
  • Various sham options from shell weight to heavy sham
  • Allow for bottom plate design

Item 2233

Block Mold Pressed

A plunger is used to press molten glass in a mold to produce very durable and substantial glassware.

Product Attributes
  • More durable
  • Heavier and thicker walls
  • Ability to product flat panels
  • No beaded rim
  • No seams
  • More variety in shape design compared to other types of machine made glassware

Item 5332

Split Mold Pressed

The split mold pressed process is very similar to block mold but it allows us to produce glassware with handles and ‘cut’ designs.

Product Attributes

  • ‘Cut’ Designs
  • Handles
  • More durable
  • Heavier and thicker walls
  • Items will have seams

Item 56820